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Why everyone should go mountain climbing at least once in their life

When we think about extreme sports we think about riding super-fast cars and jumping out of an airplane with a parachute. The thing is extreme sports that will make your blood pump 200 times faster are not just bound to things that give you that high for a split second.

We agree that skydiving is filled with tons of adrenaline while you are falling, but there are sports that can constantly fill you with adrenaline from the start till the finish. Today we will focus on one of those sporting activities and the one we had in mind is mountain climbing.

Why mountain climbing?

You are probably thinking what makes mountain climbing so special. Well if you have ever watched a video clip about an astronaut in outer space than you have probably felt very small and insignificant compared to the rest of the place. Mountain climbing has that feeling. While you are climbing to the top of the mountain, you are constantly going up and things are constantly getting smaller from your point of view. When you start your climb, you are smaller in your POV than your car, but by the time you have half climbed a mountain that car is as small as one piece of corn. By the time, you have climbed to the top of the mountain, whole city blocks can look as small as that piece of corn. The trick is every sport or activity where you are going up things under us become smaller in size and you begin to feel how insignificant things can be.

While you are climbing, you are not just under adrenaline the whole time, but you also get a perspective of relaxation. Sometimes things that get us nervous are irrelevant while you are so high up that your car looks like a can of coke. The state of clear mind can only be achieved once you get all the way to the top and reflect on your journey.

What basic gear will you need?

There are lots of things that you should bring while you are climbing but we will only talk a bit about the basics so you know what they are used for. Depending on the intensity of the climb you will need:

Climbing Shoes

This is the second or first most important thing a climber should get. Invest in this item because it will keep you alive and make your trip easier. If you are wondering which shoes are the best, just get the ones with the sticky rubber soles.

Chalk and Chalk Bag

Also, known as magnesium carbonate. This will help you have a firmer grip and less prone to slips.


Or also known as biners, are loops of metal that will keep your rope secure. Never buy used ones and always go for the strongest they can offer.


A harness is a web made out of special sturdy material that wraps around your legs and waist which will support you on the rope.

Dynamic Rope

This is the first or second most important thing a climber needs. A climber’s rope is his life-line. If you are wondering which one is the best get the 60 meter, dry-treated, 9.5-10.5 mm dynamic rope.

2 Quick Draws

This is two carabiners that are connected, get at least 2 of these.

Belay Device

The belay device helps you control the movement of the rope. Never buy used belay devices.