Why everyone should try river rafting at least once in their life

River rafting was a sport that lots of people did not even consider trying not so long ago. If you look back 10 years ago people would focus more on climbing mountains or on skydiving if they desired a little bit of adrenaline but they would not go rafting. Fortunately for the rafting scene, it got popular a couple of years back, and since then it has become one of the most sought out activities during the summertime. Rafting is an extremely fun sporting activity if done right.

How can you go rafting?

First of all, you have to answer yourself an important question. Do you want to go with your friends or with complete strangers?

Both sides bring lots of fun to the table it’s just that the experience will be different. If you choose to go with your friends than you can organize a fun activity where everyone will be assigned a task which they will perform before, during and after the rafting. If you are going in blind with the desire to meet new people then you better prepare everything that you might need because you can’t rely on others doing the job for you.

Why is rafting so awesome?

For starters, rafting is a sports activity that is not just filled with adrenaline while you are going down the fast river, but after the fun ride that you can perform many times during the day, you can also have a fun camping night. What usually happens is that people that go rafting bring many games that they can play with other people, or one of them brings a guitar and makes that night one of those legendary nights near the burning fire in the background.

Additionally, rafting can be an activity that gives so much more than the ride down the river. If you bring your camera you can capture it all on tape making it an experience that you can share. If you get a waterproof camera you can also capture lots of the amazing scenery on your pictures that can sometimes be so beautiful that people hang them on their home walls.

What gear will you need if you plan to try rafting?

There are many things you can bring to your rafting trip so let’s list some of them.


PFD stands for Personal Flotation Device, which is essentially a life jacket. This is not just to keep you above water if you fall over, but also to protect your spine from any injury.


The second most important thing you need while rafting. If you ever fall our of the boat and you need to protect your head, and that is where the helmet shines.

Rope bag, knife, and floating bags

All of the things mentioned here are to increase your chance of survival in case something goes bad. The rope bag can be thrown to help people that fell overboard. The knife can help in any situation where something needs to be cut for safety, and the floating bags are on the side of the boat where they will help your boat to not capsize over.