River rafting for adventurous types

It’s that time of the year again when it’s best that you pack your bags and start your new adventure. If you have not yet decided what will you do this year, then can we suggest you try out the river rafting! Colorado river rafting is one of the most adventurous and adrenaline pumped activities that you can perform this summer.

The perfect mix between sightseeing and pure fun. When people think about rafting they often think that it’s an expensive hobby, but they could not be further from the truth. In truth, the equipment you buy once will be good for you until the day you retire, and the trips have become very cheap as compared to the previous decade. Additionally, more and more people have begun to love this exercise so it has gotten a lot of attention which brings lots of attractive offers and discounts on various trips.

What equipment will you need?

When it comes to rafting, you will need a few essentials that will make your life easier.


A standard wetsuit is enough, you don’t need to get the most expensive one as the normal ones perform the same function.

Splash jacket

When you want extra protection from the cold water you get a splash jacket. It also serves as additional clothing during the winter times if you decide to go rafting then.

A helmet

This is standard equipment and we advise you to get the helmets that are designated for rafting purposes. The bicycle helmets are not as sturdy as the rafting ones but are still better than no helmet scenarios.

Buoyancy jacket and other aids

Another standard piece of equipment that you need before you go rafting. The buoyancy aid consists of Neoprene Shoes Bootie and the Life Jacket. The jacket will protect your back and will keep you above water. The neoprene shoes and bootie are both for your feet, the only difference is that neoprene shoes are additional and better protection than the bootie shoes which will just keep your feet warm.

Paddle and raft

These should be provided by your trip advisor or the company which organizes your rafting but just in case you are going with your own setup you will need these as well.

Additional equipment you can bring

There are tons of other stuff you can bring to make your rafting trip either more fun, safer or more comfortable. If you can bring a camera that you can mount on your helmet so you can capture the full trip on video.

Make sure to take tons of pictures as well because every rafting trip will be one of a kind. Don’t forget if you are going to stay overnight that you can bring camping equipment and have a full-blown camping experience in addition to the rafting one.

We love rafting and we hope you will enjoy them as well, just make sure that you bring all the equipment and your good mood.